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CIPC Registered - K2014023627 (click on CIPC to download certificate)

Proudly Level 2 BBBEE

- About Us -


The company was established in February 2014 by Jacques Meyer, who is also the co-director.

ECI operates across all provinces, with its head office located in Pretoria, South Africa.

The company helps it's customers streamline plant processes and reduces running cost.

ECI Automation helps industrial customers meet their business objectives, by providing leading technology and services, project management experience and staffing solutions. Products and services can be tailored to meet process automation needs, that best suit each customer. Qualified instrumentation and electrical teams form part of ECI's turnkey projects.

Although ECI is still a SME, we are a proud level 2 BBBEE contributor. ECI opened a branch in Thabazimbi in March 2018, as we wanted to give back to the community and support local development. We established a trust with a local special needs school in Thabazimbi - Spitskop, which is 100% BEE- as our beneficiary in this trust. In January 2019, we moved from a level 4 BEE to a level 2 BEE contributor. ECI has a 5 year vision: We want to open 3 more branches across the country, creating job opportunities and supporting, once again, local development. 

ECI, and it's owner-director, Jacques Meyer, knew that we had to move to a full level 2 BEE status, so the search for a fitting BEE partner began. In November 2019, we started looking for a fitting partner, someone with sound knowledge, people skills and that could help ECI to move forward with his  5 year development vision.  In March 2020, we found him! Enter: mr Panki Raseroka. But then, COVID happened, and all processes halted and offices were closed. We are now very excited to announce that mr Panki Johannes Raseroka, is finally onboard and our BEE partner. We would like to welcome him and are looking forward to growing this SME into a well known, market leader in our field.

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Industries include, but not limited to:

*Pulp and paper




*Power generation

Member of:

Electrical Conformance Board (ECB) - GN04397

South African Counsel for Automation and Control (SACAC) - 146321SA  

System Integrator  - Wonderware - 2016 - 2017

System Integrator  - Ana Digi - 2016 - 2017

System Integrator - Omron SA 2017

System Integrator - Emerson SA 2017

Our customer focus is outstanding and we are committed to quality.